DJI Announces Affordable Mic 2 for Pro Audio Recording

Get ready to rethink portable professional audio. DJI, known for their innovative drones and gimbals, has annoucned the Mic 2 wireless recording system hat punches far above its weight in both features and value. With the Mic 2, DJI not only provides a higher end performance for the single content creator, but fires a shot across RØDE’s bow with a game-changing pro audio option.

Image Credit – DJI

Unbreakable Sound, Even Over Extended Takes

Imagine capturing crystal-clear, uncompressed 24-bit audio for up to 14 hours at a time, without storage worries. The Mic 2 makes it a reality thanks to its impressive recording capacity and a clever -6dB safety track on each transmitter. This means even if your main audio goes awry, you’ll have a backup recording at a lower volume, safeguarding your precious takes.

32-Bit Floating Point Recording

Remember fiddling with mic levels before every recording? Those days are gone. The Mic 2 boasts 32-bit floating point technology, a feature pioneered by RØDE in 2023. This revolutionary tech automatically adapts to varying sound environments, eliminating clipping and distortion. Simply hit record and trust the Mic 2 to capture pristine audio, every time.

Image Credit – DJI

Crystal-Clear Vocals with Noise Cancellation

Whether you’re recording in a bustling city street or a windy field, the Mic 2 has you covered. Intelligent noise cancellation keeps your vocals clean and clear, while the included dead cat windscreens provide an extra layer of protection against gusty conditions. You can now confidently record professional-quality audio wherever your creative journey takes you.

Extended Range

The Mic 2 boasts a remarkable 820-foot (250 m) wireless transmission range, giving you unparalleled freedom to move and capture sound. Shoot interviews across a spacious studio, film live events with ease, or record stunning wildlife footage – the Mic 2’s extended range opens up a world of creative possibilities.

Image Credit – DJI

Intuitive Design Meets All-Day Power

The Mic 2 isn’t just about cutting-edge tech; it’s also designed for user-friendliness. The compact and sleek design features a responsive 1.1-inch OLED touchscreen, a precision dial for quick adjustments, and haptic feedback for intuitive control. Plus, with a 6-hour battery life extendable to 18 hours with the included charging case, you can record all day without missing a beat.

Pro Audio Made Affordable

For just $219, the Mic 2 single-transmitter package delivers everything you need to elevate your audio game. Want even more flexibility? The two-transmitter option with a charging case comes in at just $349. And the best part? DJI offers individual transmitters, receivers, and accessories, allowing you to customize your setup exactly to your needs. The DJI Mic 2 is available starting today in either Shadow Black or Pearl White.

Image Credit – DJI

Final thoughts

The DJI Mic 2 is a revolution in portable pro audio. With its cutting-edge features, impressive range, and surprisingly affordable price tag, it sets a new standard for both audio enthusiasts and seasoned professionals alike. So, whether you’re a vlogger on the go, a filmmaker seeking cinematic sound, or a musician wanting studio-quality recordings, the Mic 2 is an express ticket to capturing exceptional audio that takes content to the next level.