Blind Spot Gear Introduces LumiCard Pocket-Sized Camera Light

Blind Spot Gear, a company known for its LED designs for platforms like Netflix and Amazon, has introduced the LumiCard, a pocket-sized camera light designed for mobile filmmakers. The credit card-sized light attaches to iPhones through the magnetic MagSafe connection, providing a compact yet powerful lighting solution.

Image credit – Blind Spot Gear

Designed for Accessibility and Performance

Chief Explorer Billy Campbell of Blind Spot Gear highlighted the need for accessible lighting solutions in smartphone photography. Campbell stated, “While smartphones have transformed photography, the limitations of existing lighting solutions have hindered users from fully realizing their creative potential. LumiCard removes these barriers, providing unparalleled quality and convenience in a device that fits right into your wallet.”

Learning from Past Pitfalls

In the past, credit card-sized LEDs like the Nova light faced challenges such as build quality issues and proprietary Bluetooth triggering. Blind Spot Gear aims to learn from past pitfalls and deliver a product that addresses previous drawbacks.

Key Features of the LumiCard

  • Designed in Scotland
  • Craftsmanship
  • 5 watts of 5600K daylight illumination
  • TLCI color accuracy rating of >95
  • 24 LED lights arranged in rows of six
  • Up to 500 lumens of light
  • USB-C connection for recharging or tethering to the latest iPhone 15
  • Compatible with Android smartphones
  • MagSafe adhesive rings
  • Custom-sized USB-C cable
Image credit – Blind Spot Gear

Additional Options

Additional options include the LumiKit, offering a diffuser attachment to soften the LumiCard’s illumination, and the LumiRing magnetic adapter for attaching the light to laptops during video calls. The LumiBank, a battery bank providing up to 5000 mAh of power, is available for efficient wireless charging of the LumiCard and other MagSafe-compatible devices.

Pricing and Availability

Currently in its early bird Kickstarter phase, the LumiCard is available for backers at around $50, with a special 3-pack offering a 35% discount. The package includes the pocket-sized LED light, mag-safe adhesive rings, and a custom-sized USB-C cable.

Backers can participate in BlindSpot’s Kickstarter campaign, with an expected delivery timeline set for April 2024.


The LumiCard is a promising new product that addresses the limitations of existing smartphone lighting solutions. With its compact size, powerful light output, and flexible activation options, the LumiCard has the potential to be a valuable tool for mobile filmmakers and content creators.