Transforming Your Sony FX30 Camera into a Traditional Cinema Camera for Under $300

Forget hefty cinema camera price tags! DSLR Video Shooter’s Cineback is here, offering a budget-friendly revolution for Sony mirrorless camera owners. This brainchild of YouTube DIY filmmaking guru Caleb Pike transforms your existing a7, a6, or FX series camera into a sleek, pro-style powerhouse for under $300.

Image Credit – Caleb Pike

Cineback isn’t just about bells and whistles; it’s about empowering creators. “I built Cineback because high-quality filmmaking shouldn’t be a financial privilege,” says Pike. “Cineback lets you achieve professional results without breaking the bank.”

Here’s how it works: the Cine Back module seamlessly integrates with a SmallRig cage, providing a sturdy base for your Sony. V-mount battery support keeps the juices flowing for extended shoots, while a built-in D-Tap hub powers accessories like recorders, monitors, and follow focus systems.

Image Credit – Caleb Pike

But Cineback’s true magic lies in its adaptability. The modular design lets you swap camera bodies in a flash, saving precious setup time. Mounting options galore let you attach a matte box, wireless follow focus, or even a volt display for precise power monitoring.

“Versatility is king,” emphasizes Pike. “Cineback adapts to your workflow, whether you’re a solo filmmaker or leading a crew. It lets you focus on what matters most – capturing stunning visuals.”

And Pike’s innovation doesn’t stop there. Future plans include Cineback modules for Canon R and Fuji mirrorless cameras, along with Gold Mount battery compatibility for even broader appeal. He’s also working on expanding the Cineback ecosystem with an SSD hard drive recording solution.

For now, the Cineback Module for Sony FX3 and FX30 is available for pre-order on the Camera Forge website for $299. With pre-orders already selling out, be sure to sign up for restock notifications to secure your Cineback and unlock the world of professional filmmaking on a budget.

Key takeaways:

  • Cineback transforms Sony mirrorless cameras into pro-style setups for under $300.
  • Modular design allows for easy customization and camera swaps.
  • V-mount battery support and D-Tap hub power accessories for extended shoots.
  • Mounting options accommodate matte boxes, follow focus, and more.
  • Future plans include Canon R and Fuji modules, Gold Mount batteries, and SSD recording.

Cineback is a testament to the power of innovation and a game-changer for DIY filmmakers. So grab your Sony camera, strap on a Cineback, and get ready to unleash your inner cinematographer!

Caleb Pike’s new Cineback has a retail price of $299, but is currently on sold out on preorder. Pike assures, however, that there will be availability in the new year. Sign up for an email notification at his Camera Foundry website.