GoPro Launches Their First Pro-Centric Action Camera in the Hero 12 Black

GoPro today announced the new Hero12 Black action camera, which the company asserts is its most advanced, and professional-grade action camera yet. The Hero12 Black features a number of new and innovative features that make it a compelling choice for professional and thrill seeking videographers alike.

GP-Log Codec for Lossless Color and Dynamic Range

One of the most notable new features of the Hero12 Black is its new GP-Log codec. GP-Log is a lossless codec that captures more color and dynamic range than traditional codecs. This allows users to capture more detail in their footage, even in challenging lighting conditions.

Time Code for Easier Multi-Camera Editing

The Hero12 Black also features time code, which allows users to sync multiple Hero12 Black cameras together for easier multi-camera editing. This is a valuable feature for filmmakers and videographers who need to capture footage from multiple angles.

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Wireless Bluetooth External Microphone Support

The Hero12 Black also supports wireless Bluetooth external microphones and other wireless accessories. This allows users to capture high-quality audio with their footage, or give commands remotely, even in noisy environments.

Image Credit – GoPro

Max Lens Mod 2.0

The Hero12 Black is also compatible with the new Max Lens Mod 2.0 add-on lens. The Max Lens Mod 2.0 has a 177° field of view, which is 36% wider and 48% taller than the stock Hero12 configuration. This makes it ideal for capturing immersive footage of extreme sports, action sports, and travel.

AutoBoost Feature for Hypersmooth 6 Video Stabilization

The Hero12 Black also features an AutoBoost feature for Hypersmooth 6 video stabilization. Hypersmooth 6 is GoPro’s most advanced video stabilization technology to date. The AutoBoost feature analyzes up to four times more data than previous versions of Hypersmooth, and works with Linear and Horizon lock when the camera rotates a full 360°. This results in even smoother and more stable footage, even in challenging conditions.

Up to 70 Minutes of Continuous Recording at 5.3K60

The Hero12 Black also features a new power delivery system that allows it to record for up to 70 minutes at 5.3K60. This is twice the recording time of previous Hero cameras.

1/4-20 Mounting Threads in Between Iconic Mounting Fingers

Finally, the Hero12 Black features 1/4-20 mounting threads in between its iconic mounting fingers. This makes the Hero12 Black compatible with a wider range of standard camera mounts and accessories.

Quik Desktop App with Cloud-Based Editing and Digital Lens Swapping

GoPro has also updated its Quik mobile app with a number of new features, including cloud-based editing with digital lens swapping and reframing. Quik is also coming to the desktop in the fall of 2023 for macOS and 2024 for Windows operating systems. This will allow users to edit their Hero12 Black footage on their desktop computers, and take advantage of the new features.

Image Credit – GoPro

Pricing and Availability

The GoPro Hero12 Black is available for preorder starting today for $399.99, with the Creator Edition coming in at just under $600. The Max Lens Mod 2.0 is an additional $99.99, or $79.99 for GoPro subscribers. Both products will ship beginning September 13th.

The GoPro Hero12 Black is a significant upgrade over previous Hero cameras. It features a number of new and professional features that make it a compelling choice for content creators, filmmakers, and amateur videographers alike. The Hero12 Black is sure to be the go-to action camera for capturing stunning footage of extreme sports, action sports, and travel, and just about any other shot that can’t be missed.