Zacuto Micro Boom: Mini Revolution for On-the-Go Audio

Videographers and content creators, rejoice! Zacuto, the renowned camera accessory innovator, has unveiled the Micro Boom, a lightweight and portable on-camera boom pole poised to revolutionize your audio capture experience. Say goodbye to bulky equipment and extra crew members; this miniature marvel promises high-quality sound recording, solo style.

Image Credit – Zacuto

Convenience Meets Quality in a Compact Package:

Imagine a telescoping boom that extends from 14 to 35 inches, crafted from featherweight carbon fiber for effortless portability. That’s the Micro Boom, designed to fit seamlessly into your mobile content creation workflow. No more wrestling with external XLR setups; the integrated 3.5mm cable streamlines microphone connection, getting you recording faster. And the best part? It’s universally compatible, mounting directly onto smartphones, mirrorless cameras, camcorders, and even professional cinema cameras using NATO rails or optional adapters.

Solo Operation, Superior Sound:

Tired of compromising audio quality in noisy environments? The Micro Boom brings the microphone closer to your subjects, capturing crisp, clear sound even in less-than-ideal settings. And forget the need for a dedicated audio technician; this handy tool empowers solo filmmakers to capture high-quality interviews and testimonials with confidence. Whether you’re vlogging on the go, conducting mobile journalism, or tackling on-location shoots, the Micro Boom is your versatile audio companion.

The Perfect Pairing: The Micro Mixer

Looking for even more control over your audio? Look no further than Zacuto’s Micro Mixer, the ideal companion to the Micro Boom (sold separately). This compact powerhouse allows you to mix two microphones simultaneously, fine-tuning levels and panning with intuitive dials and switches for real-time sound management. Perfect for interviews, podcasts, live streaming, and any scenario demanding refined audio, the Micro Mixer elevates your sound game to new heights.

Availability and Pricing:

The Micro Boom is available for pre-order at $125 for the first 150 to order, rising to $165. Shipping will occur in March, 2024. Conversely, the Micro Mixer is sold out, but interested parties can register for email notifications to be alerted when it’s back in stock.

With its compact design, universal compatibility, and focus on solo operation, the Zacuto Micro Boom is poised to be a game-changer for creators seeking to elevate their audio without unnecessary complications. Paired with the Micro Mixer, it offers a powerful and portable audio recording setup that’s sure to capture the hearts (and ears) of both seasoned professionals and aspiring content creators alike.