RØDE Kits Out Wireless Me with Second Transmitter

Anticipating the diverse needs of creators across various platforms, RØDE is gearing up to launch the Wireless Me Dual, an expanded kit version of the popular entry-level Wireless Me microphone system. Launching in May 2024, this upgraded version boasts a second transmitter, making it even more versatile and appealing to a wider range of users.

Image Credit – RØDE

Building on Success

The original Wireless Me quickly became a favorite for its ability to capture high-quality audio for mobile cameras, traditional cameras, and computers. With the Wireless Me Dual, RØDE takes things a step further. It utilizes the same reliable encrypted 2.4GHz digital wireless technology, ensuring crystal-clear audio and rock-solid connection, but with the added convenience of a second transmitter included right out of the box.

Image Credit – RØDE

This means you can now capture wireless audio from two separate sources simultaneously. Previously, this required purchasing an additional transmitter, but the Wireless Me Dual makes it a breeze, offering a complete solution at a great value.

Power and Performance

The Wireless Me Dual packs a punch with fourth-generation RØDELINK 2.4 GHz encrypted transmission, providing a maximum range of over 100 meters. This ensures smooth audio capture, no matter the environment. Plus, RØDE’s innovative Intelligent GainAssist technology automatically controls audio levels, eliminating worries about clipping or unwanted noise.

Enhanced Compatibility

The Wireless Me Dual doesn’t stop there. It boasts seamless compatibility with the new RØDE Interview Pro Microphone, further expanding its capabilities. This professional-grade microphone features a super-cardioid polar pattern for focused sound capture, a wide frequency range, and excellent handling of high sound pressure levels. This makes it perfect for everything from interviews and podcasts to field recordings.

Image Credit – RØDE

A Smart Choice for Rookie Creators

Whether you’re a budget-conscious content creator using a smartphone or DSLR, the Wireless Me Dual is a fantastic option. However, it’s important to note that the system relies on your camera to record the audio, as it doesn’t have built-in recording capabilities. Additionally, while it includes essential accessories like windjammers and cables, a dedicated carrying case would be a welcome addition for increased portability.

Coming in May

The Wireless Me Dual offers incredible value at a preorder price of $199. This includes two wireless transmitters, a receiver/microphone module, and essential accessories. For those who only need one transmitter, the single-transmitter version is available for $149. Considering the increased versatility and potential for future needs, the Dual configuration might be the smarter long-term choice for many users.