Adobe Premiere Pro 2024 Update Unveils AI-Powered Audio Editing and Native TikTok Integration

Adobe has released the latest version of Premiere Pro, featuring significant advancements in audio editing powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and seamless integration with the popular social media platform TikTok. The 24.2 update focuses on streamlining post-production workflows, equipping users with powerful tools to elevate their editing experience.

Image Credit – Adobe

AI Enhances Audio Editing

A standout feature is the Enhanced Speech AI tool, which offers professional-grade noise reduction and dialogue isolation capabilities. With a single click, users can significantly improve the clarity of voice recordings, removing unwanted background noise.

For users with NVIDIA RTX graphics cards, the update leverages on-device AI processing to deliver up to 75% faster performance, especially when using the Mix Amount setting in the Essential Sound Panel.

Audio Category Tagging and Interactive Fade Handles

Premiere Pro now includes Audio Category Tagging, which utilizes AI to automatically categorize audio clips into dialogue, music, sound effects, or ambient sound. This feature saves editors time and effort in organizing their audio tracks.

Image Credit – Adobe

Additionally, Interactive Fade Handles allow for precise control over audio transitions, enabling editors to apply customized fades and transitions between clips with ease.

Native Integration with TikTok

A key highlight of the update is the native integration with TikTok. Creators can now export videos directly to the platform from within Premiere Pro. Built-in project templates ensure videos adhere to TikTok’s specifications, including safe zones for optimal display on various devices.

Image Credit – Adobe

The update also supports engaging TikTok subtitles through plugins like SubMachine by Creative Workflow, enhancing accessibility and audience engagement.

Expanded Functionality and Availability

Beyond audio and social media integration, the update introduces several other enhancements, including:

  • Streamlined remote editing via the LucidLink Panel
  • Improved collaboration tools through Helmut 4 and the Vulcano web interface
  • Integration with Topa Video AI for After Effects to enhance the quality of older videos
  • Support for the Sony BURANO full-frame cinema camera, enabling direct import of various video formats

Availability and a Special Offer

The 24.2 update is available now. Also, for a limited time, new users can benefit from a special offer, saving 40% on the Creative Cloud All Apps plan, which includes Premiere Pro, until March 3, 2024. The subscription price reverts to $54.99 per month after the promotional period.

[Source: Adobe Blog]