RODE Expands Wireless EcoSystem with Interview Pro Mic and New Phone Mount System

RØDE has unveiled three groundbreaking products poised to revolutionize mobile content creation. The newly introduced Interview PRO, Phone Cage, and Magnetic Mount are set to bolster RØDE’s position as a frontrunner in providing cutting-edge solutions for today’s content creators.

Image Credit – RØDE

RØDE CEO Damien Wilson expressed enthusiasm for the unveiling, stating, “We are extremely excited to reveal these three new products at NAB today. RØDE has been at the forefront of empowering creators to capture exceptional content with their smartphones, and these latest innovations underscore our commitment to innovation in this rapidly evolving landscape.”

Interview PRO

Central to RØDE’s announcement is the Interview PRO, a broadcast-quality handheld condenser microphone designed for seamless integration with any RØDE Series IV wireless system. Boasting compatibility with a range of devices, from cameras to smartphones and computers, the Interview PRO sets a new standard for wireless audio transmission. Its omnidirectional polar pattern and professional-grade condenser capsule ensure pristine voice reproduction, making it ideal for interviews, presentations, and various voice applications.

Image Credit – RØDE

With features like GainAssist technology and 32-bit float on-board recording, the Interview PRO offers unparalleled audio fidelity and versatility. Its robust construction, complete with internal shock mounting and a pop filter, guarantees optimal performance in any environment, from bustling streets to serene landscapes. The Interview PRO is slated for release in early May, promising creators a powerful tool for capturing immersive audio experiences.

Before the Interview Pro, many mobile and citizen journalists relied on their wireless microphones attached to the RODE Interview GO adaptor to create an on-camera-looking handheld interview mic solution. Now, with the Interview Pro, there is a professional solution for journalists.

The RØDE Interview Pro works with the RODE Wireless Go, Wireless Pro, and even the Wireless Me microphones. It will also pair with the RØDECASTER Pro and Duo mixers. It also has a storage capacity of 32 GB of internal storage, for up to 40 hours of recording before needing to offload. That also means the Interview Pro can be used without any other device, making it ideal for podcasting.

Image Credit – RØDE

The RØDE Interview Pro is available now for a retail price of $249 and includes a foam pop filter, USB-C cable and mic clip, and zippered pouch case.

New Mobile Phone Cage and Mount options

RØDE also announced a new mobile phone cage and magnetic mount to make mobile filmmaking even easier. Complementing the Interview PRO is the Phone Cage, a premium magnetic smartphone mounting system designed to elevate mobile filmmaking to new heights. Featuring 33 mounting threads and five cold shoe slots, the Phone Cage offers unparalleled versatility, allowing creators to customize their filmmaking rig to suit their specific needs.

Image Credit – RØDE

At its core lies a magnetic mounting disc capable of securely attaching MagSafe® iPhones® or MagSafe-compatible smartphone accessories. This innovative design facilitates effortless integration of microphones, lights, and other accessories, empowering creators to unleash their creativity without constraints. Crafted from high-grade aluminum, the Phone Cage strikes the perfect balance between ruggedness and portability, making it an indispensable companion for on-the-go filmmakers.

The RØDE Phone Cage is available for preorder for an MSRP of $120.

Image Credit – RØDE

Rounding out RØDE’s lineup is the Magnetic Mount, a modular mounting system tailored for microphones, lights, and other accessories. Equipped with an ultra-strong magnet and three removable arms, the Magnetic Mount offers unmatched flexibility, allowing creators to adapt to any filming scenario with ease. Its compact, lightweight design ensures hassle-free transportation, making it an essential addition to any creator’s toolkit. Price of the RØDE Magnetic Mount is a hefty $90, but the Moment Magnetic Mount will save you $20 and is available now.